Customer FAQ's

How do I make a booking?

Preferably via our "Online Booking Engine, or through Online Chat or Telephone.

What emails can I expect to receive?

Email Type Description
Welcome Email A welcome email is sent to all new customers, this contains some frequently asked questions about our company as well as log in details for our website.
Journey Acknowledgment After your Booking you will receive a journey Acknowledgment email consist of your journey inputs and informations with fare.
Driver Details This Email consist of driver's contact details, pick-up instructions. Essentially everything you need from us when you travel. This will be dispatched when your driver is assigned to your journey.
Journey Review Email After succesful completition of the journey, you will be receiving an email for sharing your experience with our service as a customer review.

How do I find my driver from an airport, port or station?

The pick up instructions will be shared in the "Driver Details" email before 8 hours for the journey for prebookings.

What do I do if I don't know the postcode?

Enter all the details you do have and we will try and find the postcode and email you back a quotation as soon as possible.

What is the 'Meet and Greet' service?

The "Meet & Greet" service is where the driver parks his car and enters the airport terminal holding a sign with your name on it.

This service is not included on our journeys as standard but can be added for an additional £8, to cover parking charges.

The driver will put exactly what you entered in the "Head Passenger Full Name" field onto the name board, therefore if you'd rather the driver doesn't know the passenger's name then use a pseudonym instead. Obviously you will need to make sure the passenger is aware so they know what to look out for!

Can I smoke in the car?

No, in compliance with UK law Onward Travel Solutions Ltd operates a strict non-smoking policy in all their vehicles.

Will I incur any extra charges if my plane is delayed?

No, we will track your plane's progress when it is in the air.

Will you meet us anytime of day or night?

Yes, as all bookings are pre booked we can provide a 24hr service.